2019 Spring Youth Baseball

The youth baseball league on Sanibel Island was created in the early 1970's by long-time island resident, Dick Muench.  Many of the league's ideals  at the time of its creation are visible in today's league.  These ideals include good sportsmanship, respect for the game, and team camaraderie.

Our baseball league is instructional in nature with the goal being teaching the basics of the sport, and ensuring the kids are having fun.  The majority of our coaches have been involved in the league for many years.  Our coaches have players in the league and are committed to the kids.

Our baseball divisions:

T-ball - Pre-K - First Grade (ages 4-6): players use the tee when batting and all players have an opportunity to bat each inning.
The field is smaller than with other divisions and the very basics of hitting, catching, throwing, and running are taught.

Minors - Grades 2-5 (ages 8-11):  the game is played on a regulation sized field and the ball is pitched by a machine for accuracy purposes. Continued instruction with hitting, catching, throwing, and base running while learning game strategies.  Divisions based on age and ability.

                                          The importance of registering on time.

By registering your player by the posted deadline, our league can:

a.)  Team uniforms - uniforms often take two weeks to receive after placing an order. Late ordering will either delay the entire order, or delay the receipt of an individual player uniform.
b.)  Team creation - we strive to create teams that are not 'overloaded' with too many players. Late registrants, if allowed to play, have to be placed on a team that has already been created. This not only affects the possible playing time of the late registrant, but also the playing time of their teammates.  Further, the more players a team has, the more difficult it is for a coach to instruct each player properly.   

                                       Please take the time to register your player on time - it helps everyone involved!