The importance of registering on time.

By registering your player by the posted deadline, our league can:

a.)  Team uniforms - uniforms often take two weeks to receive after placing an order. Late ordering will either delay the entire order, or delay the receipt of an individual player uniform.
b.)  Team creation - we strive to create teams that are not 'overloaded' with too many players. Late registrants, if allowed to play, have to be placed on a team that has already been created. This not only affects the possible playing time of the late registrant, but also the playing time of their teammates.  Further, the more players a team has, the more difficult it is for a coach to instruct each player properly.   

                                       Please take the time to register your player on time - it helps everyone involved!

Lacrosse Camps

                                                                              2018 Spring

For the first time ever, Sanibel Sports, Inc. is proud to offer youth Lacrosse here on Sanibel!  We have partnered with island resident Ralph Quillen, who will be in charge of managing and  coaching the camps.  Ralph is a lacrosse coach at the Canterbury School in Fort Myers, and is a member of US Lacrosse.

We will be holding a series camps on Monday afternoons in April and May for both boys and girls.  These camps will concentrate on teaching the basic skills needed to play the game, and in a highly supervised setting.  As the camps progress, additional techniques and strategies of the game will be introduced.

Players will be required to provide their personal equipment as noted below.  Sanibel Sports, Inc. will have some personal equipment available, please contact us for more information. Youth equipment can be purchased from stores like Dick's Sporting Goods and Play-it-Again Sports.

Girls equipment requirement:  Lacrosse goggles and 42" stick, cleats.

Boys equipment requirement:  Lacrosse helmet, gloves, elbow pads, shoulder pads and 42" stick, cleats.

Our first camp is scheduled for Thursday, April 18th - Register Now!